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solfa solfa

Ludus Tonalis (c) 2010


Graduated in Bachelor of Music (Hons.) from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and obtained the L.G.S.M. from the "Guildhall  School of Music and Drama" (teacher), and the A.L.C.M. from the London College of Music".


As part of various groups in which he toyed around with several instruments, he has  performanced many times in Scotland, the country where he grew up, including live concerts for BBC Radio 2 and several editions of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has also collaborated in recordings of groups such as: The Diggers (pop), Dizzy Fingers (Jazz), Gold Rush (American Folk), Luar na Lubre (Galician Folk), Alchemy (Scottish Folk) and Suburban edge (Bluegrass)...


The avatars of  life lead him to establish his residence in A Coruña where he has collaborated with the Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia in recordings of contemporary film music. He accompanies choirs, vocal soloists and instrumentalists, but his preferred style of music is Jazz, in which he feels freer. Since his arrival in Spain he has worked with, and been a member of jazz groups, working with Quique Alvarado, Francisco Rosa, Marcel Chirilov, Guillermo Lancelotti, Nicolai Velikov, Joaquín Castiñeiras, Julio Andrade ...


His career as a composer includes works of a very eclectic style, ranging from neo-clasicism to contemporary sounds, in which jazz often predominates. His main body of output concentrates on choral works, which have received several prizes.


At the moment he is a piano and harmony teacher at the  "Musicians' School" in A Coruña, and is a founder member of the chamber choir "Ludus Tonalis", with whom, apart from conducting, he occasionally sings too.




Rupert Twine, conductor

ruppert [email protected]

Obras originales y arreglos de obras recogidas en el cancionero tradicional de Galicia armonizadas por Rupert y cantadas por Ludus Tonalis

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