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Ludus Tonalis (c) 2010

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Ludus Tonalis


LUDUS is a chamber choir that mainly interprets early music, covering both mediaeval and renaissance periods, without ever forgetting about the challenge of enjoying it as a game: we love the mixture of singing early music with the interpretation of 21st century compositions, where the ink, sometimes, has still to dry. This is pursued without losing the base of our identity, derived from the choir's name: a game of sounds.


Under our conductor's guiding hand, Rupert Twine, we tackle projects of such a diverse nature that mean one minute we're singing a mass by Palestrina, Lassus or Victoria, and the next, the choral part for a contemporary film.


The choir was founded in A Coruña in 1998 and is made up of singers from Galicia, Norhwest Spain, that have had considerable training and experience in vocal music, both as soloists and in choral formations, both chamber and symphonic.